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VSB Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener

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from 89.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Product Description

The VSB Automatic Chicken House Door Opener by AXT-Electronic is a light sensitive, battery operated pop-hole door opener for vertical sliding doors. The VSB units are available in either an External version for mounting on the outside of your coop or an Internal version for installation inside your coop. No more getting up at 5am to let the hens out, or rushing home to close them in.

The VSB is only for opening and closing vertical sliding doors - it will not work for ramps or horizontal sliding doors. We include our own instruction booklet which will guide the fitting and setting of the unit and telephone support is also available.

The unit has a door weight limit of approx 3kg, so providing your door weighs less than 3kg it will work a door already fitted, it also needs the door to have a weight of less than 200g when closed (this is why it will not work with ramps). Alternatively there is the option of adding the lightweight aluminium pop-hole door, and this is simply fitted in two runners mounted either side of the pop-hole. The VSB unit itself measures approx 5 in x 5 in and you would need about 2 inches of space between it and the top of the pop-hole door when open.

The VSB Automatic Opener units are powered by 4 AA batteries (included in the package) which should last approx one year under normal operating conditions. The VSB Door Opener is covered by a 4-year Manufacturers Warranty (this does not cover the battery holder, light sensor (1 year), mite infestation, the cord or water damage).

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