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The Guinea Pig Hutch

Currently approx. 6 weeks for Delivery

Price 566.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Product Description

Note: This Guinea Pig Hutch is currently unavailable due to a redesign ready for early 2020.

The Framebow Guinea Pig House with integral run. The unit is approx. 4ft 5in long x 3ft 1in deep x 3ft 7in high.

Perfectly suited for guinea pigs as well as a variety of smaller pets as an outdoor pet house (also terrific as a small outdoor cat enclosure). This Pet Hutch is different to other guinea pig hutches, with curved timbers and great access, making the Framebow design very unique. It is made to a very high standard using top quality pressure treated Swedish Redwood, designed by Framebow and made in our own workshop here in Dorset.

The Guinea Pig House has a removable perspex window, so your guinea pigs can sit in the living area on the roughest of days, looking out from behind the living-compartment window. On good days, and throughout the summer, the perspex window can be removed allowing for further ventilation. The hutch has a curved roof that adds interest and a cosy feel to the hutch.

Cleaning out your pets can be carried out in a matter of minutes using the slide out floor that just pulls forward, ideal to easily change the bedding, or remove it entirely for deeper cleaning. The front panel of the hutch is also completely removable for spring cleaning.

The Framebow Hutch comes with an easy access run. The enclosure has a lid that lifts and hinges backwards so you can reach inside easily. This effective design means children can open the enclosure without the worry of guinea pigs escaping.

The Hutch comes complete with a long ramp that has a level area at the top, providing a brilliant look out point. The under-house sheltered area is an ideal spot for placing feed and providing shelter and shade for your pets.

This hutch is fully portable. It is a good idea to move your hutch around the garden regularly thus keeping your guinea pig's outdoor play area clean and fresh. If you want to give your pets extra leg room then we also offer a 6ft long Extension Run, it simply bolts on to the end of the existing run.

The Hutch is delivered ready assembled, on a wooden pallet on an arrranged day to suit you. Delivery time is currently 4 - 6 weeks from ordering and we will call to agree a delivery date with you. Delivery is via Palletline delivery company and costs from £49.00 to most mainland England, Wales and Lowland Scotland destinations.

Product Dimensions
External Measurements:
  • External Width: 1350mm
  • External Height: 1010mm
  • External Length: 950mm
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