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The Arch House 6ft Run Extension

Currently 5 - 6 Weeks for Delivery

Price 435.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Product Description

The Framebow Arch House Run Extension Panels to create a 6ft (188cm) length of run to add to your Arch House. Will be in two 3ft sections as shown.

It`s great to allow your birds and pets as much space as you can afford so why not add extra sections to your Arch House if space allows.

Easily fasten your run panels onto the existing Arch Chicken Coop, Cat House or Aviary and move the existing door forward to the end of the run. Our run extension panels are all made as two sets of identical 3ft sections so that you can add any number of extensions that you require e.g. for this 6ft run extension you would receive 4 curved, meshed panels.

If added at the same time as ordering your Arch House then these sections would all arrive on the same delivery. If ordering separately then it would require a further pallet delivery to make sure the panels arrive safely, due to the shape and dimensions of these panels. Delivery charge would be approx £49 depending on destination.

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