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Salisbury Rabbit House

Currently approx. 6 weeks for Delivery

Price 670.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Product Description

The Salisbury Rabbit House is a beautifully shaped, arching, Rabbit Haven with a run integrated into its design. Perfect to keep your rabbits, guinea pigs and small pets safe and sound, as well as adding a lovely piece of architecture to your garden.

This spacious rabbit or guinea pig house, with its arched timber design is made here in Dorset from curved joinery-quality Swedish redwood timber. The timber is pressure treated to ensure long life outdoors and the strong weldmesh is galvanised then green plastic coated for longevity. This all-in-one house and run combination creates a really efficient use of space whilst looking absolutely stunning.

This Salisbury Rabbit House measures approx 9ft 5in long x 4ft 2in wide x 4ft 6in high externally (exact dimensions: External Width: 1350mm; External Height: 1400m; External Length: 2880mm). 3ft Extension Runs also available.

The Salisbury Rabbit House comes with a vertical sliding rabbit door, operated on a drawstring, on to a little outside 'Sun Deck'. We have added a raised edge, a bunny barrier, to the sun deck to prevent those 'wish I'd brought a parachute' moments. The Sun Deck is 29cm wide, for those lazy hazy days of summer. From the Sun Deck, a long offset ramp (16cm wide), with bunny barriers, gives them access to the green green grass and hence to lots of exercise.

Inside the Rabbit House the floor is made of hard-wearing, phenolic-coated, brown resin board making it washable and 'super-easy' to keep clean. The floor area measures 118cm wide x 78cm front to back with a max. height inside of 71cm. The sleeping quarters inside are a cosy, removable, high-sided tray (57cm x 35cm x 13cm H) with a tall plywood wall to prevent draughts. Also included is a wooden meshed frame to hang the water bottle, hayrack and feed pot on for overnight refreshments.

Outside, the run area is a total of 38 sq ft including the sheltered area underneath the house. With an internal height of approx. 4ft it is also perfect for little ones to sit inside and play with their beloved pets, as well as providing lots of lovely height for bunnies who like to stand on hindquarters at times.

The green mesh is half inch by one inch tough galvanised weldmesh, robust enough to deter the most determined predators. We also offer a No-Dig Skirt option to surround the outside of the run to prevent digging predators (we do not advise adding a meshed floor to the inner run area unless you are going to cover it with a layer of woodchip or similar soft flooring - unlike cats and dogs, rabbits don't have padded feet so can easily injure their feet when permanently on metal mesh). The access door at the front has a bolt which can be padlocked if necessary and a turn button internally to keep the door closed whilst inside.

This Bunny House arrives in sectional panels for easy home assembly. The Run is easy to assemble, all the fixings and instructions are supplied. If you would like a copy of the assembly instructions, to gauge what is needed, before your purchase decision then please just email admin@framebow.co.uk or call us on 01300 345229.

The house is delivered in sections, on a pallet for easy self assembly. The run and the house panels are screwed together making the whole assembly very easy with an electric screwdriver. We estimate it should take around 40 minutes to assemble. Delivery is via Palletline delivery company and costs from £49.00 to most mainland England, Wales and Lowland Scotland destinations.

Product Dimensions
External Measurements:
  • External Width: 1350mm
  • External Height: 1400mm
  • External Length: 2880mm

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