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No-Dig Skirt for Framebow Housing

Currently 1 Week for Delivery


Product Description

No-Dig Skirt for your Chicken Run, a simple solution to prevent Foxes and Badgers digging under your Poultry Run.

The No-Dig Skirt is 10 inch wide strips of 2in x 2in strong weldmesh ready to lay on the ground under the edges of your run and they are held in place with galvanised pegs (supplied with the skirt).

The SMALL no-dig skirt would suit the Salisbury Chicken Coop or Salisbury Rabbit House - 49.00. The LARGE no-dig skirt would be suitable for any larger Arched House with run - 59.00.

There are the occasions when you may be away for the weekend, or on holiday and friends are in charge. This is an inexpensive way to give you the reassurance that the hens will be safe. The fox will instinctively want to dig right next to the base of the run and will not normally attempt to dig from several inches away.

Simply place the 10 inch wide strips of weldmesh on the ground around the outside of your run and peg in place. The mesh should be positioned so that the edge of the mesh is held under the base of the run (see photo) and then pegged down to hold in place (metal pegs included).

If bought on its own, delivery would be within a few days otherwise it would arrive with your Coop or Run together.

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