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Melcourt Playsand for Dustbaths - 20kg

Delivered in 2-3 Days

Price 7.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Product Description

Melcourt Playsand is a washed and screened silica play sand. We find this is a great idea to use in dustbaths for your chickens (as well as childrens sandpits of course!).

Benefits of this Play Sand include:
  • Pre-washed, preventing staining and marking of feathers
  • Rapid drainage during wet weather allows dustbathing all year round
  • Hostile living environment for pests such as lice and mites
  • Nominal Particle Size Range: 0.25-0.50 mm.

  • Bagged by Melcourt Landscape Ltd. Sold in 20kg plastic sacks (sorry but due to the weight the carriage charge is almost the same as product price).

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