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Marriage's Farmyard Layers Pellets, 7.5kg

Delivered in 2-3 Days

Price 8.59

Product Description

Marriage's Farmyard Layers Pellets for Poultry, available as 7.5kg carry bag. Top quality Poultry Feeds from Marriages.

Suitable for chickens, ducks and geese, including small breeds. Carefully formulated with a balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals to help ensure good health, strong egg shells and yolk colour.

This non-GM ration contains no chemical pigments and three different natural ingredients, specifically to enhance yolk colour.

Suitable from point of lay (approx. 18 weeks). Feed ad-lib allowing at least 125g per day, per hen. Pellet size: 3mm. Typical protein: 17%.

Composition: Wheat, Wheat feed, Calcium carbonate, Maize, Peas, Barley, Sunflower seed meal, Maize gluten meal, Beans, Soya bean meal, Lucerne extruded, Vegetable oil and fat, Vitamin and Mineral premix, Salt, Monocalcium phosphate, Sodium bicarbonate.

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