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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback
At Framebow we use Feefo Reviews to provide us with independent feedback from our customers. The Feefo Review request is only sent to customers who have purchased a product from us, rather than just 'anyone' posting, so it cannot be maligned by a 'grumble-kins'.

Approx. 10 days after receiving your delivery, Feefo will send you an email requesting a feedback on the service you received and the product you purchased (you can very easily opt out of their emails should you not wish to reply), and this will then be displayed on our website.

Framebow have received Feefo Gold Merchant Awards each year since we started using their system in early 2016. After a slight pause in our utilisation of their system during 2019, we have returned to Feefo to provide us with bona fide responses from genuine customers.

We appreciate and thank you for all feedback but hope that, should you have a problem with the delivery, you would contact us directly on 01300 345229 or by email admin@framebow.co.uk so we can address this more immediately.

We love to receive feedback from our customers, whether it good or bad. That is why we introduced Feefo on to our site to enable customers to help us make shopping with us simply the best. So, when you receive your Feefo email for your order, please do let us know what you think.

We would like to say thank you to all our customers who take the time to email their thanks (and their photos) to us. We often put them on the staff notice boards and it certainly keeps everyone going so is much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Anne, Phillip &
The Framebow Team

Feefo Gold Certificates awarded to Framebow Animal Housing

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