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Framebow Animal & Bird Houses - Made in Britain

Framebow Animal & Bird Houses - Made in Britain

Framebow Animal Housing (Flyte so Fancy Ltd) is based in North Dorset, halfway between Sherborne and Dorchester in the village of Pulham. Our carpentry workshop sits here beside our retail shop and visitors are always welcome, there is ample parking, we are open every weekday and from 9am to 4pm on Saturdays.

The Framebow Animal Housing Company became part of the Flyte so Fancy family in 2015 and the designs and manufacturing moved to Dorset. Flyte so Fancy Ltd are already well known for high-quality timber chicken & pet houses and the Framebow range will be made to the same exacting high standards as Flyte so Fancy houses - www.FlyteSoFancy.co.uk

Since the move south, more designs have been added to the Framebow range of Coops, Cat Houses and Rabbit Hutches - using our special wood bending techniques - to now include Kennels, Dovecotes, Bird Aviaries and two amazing Children's Playhouses.

All of our timber units are hand made here in our own workshop. Our workshop 'gaggle' is a terrific team of 7 experienced carpenters who take great pride in their work. We are so proud of the quality we produce, and how we do it, and we want you to like it too. See also About our Housing for more details.

Our Housing is constructed from pressure treated Scandinavian Redwood. This is a close-grain timber that will last for many years without further preservative treatment. Only after air-drying in authentic Dorset wind and sunshine, to make the moisture content just right, do we start to build your unit. We offer advice about Pressure Treated (Tanalised) Timber and how to look after it, to ensure you get the best life from your unit, on our Timber Information page.

Framebow and Flyte so Fancy offer unique designs made with skill and passion in the Heart of Dorset.

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