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Framebow Arched Dog Kennel

Currently approx. 10 week delivery

Price 895.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Product Description

The Framebow Arched Dog Kennel - designed and made in Dorset. Beautifully arched, timber framed, spacious outdoor run and kennel for 2 small pooches or one larger canine.

This is an all-in-one house and run combination that makes really efficient use of space whilst looking absolutely stunning in your garden.

It has a weldmesh run for safety - meshed in 1 inch square, strong 16g galvanised (silver) weldmesh - and is built for life outdoors. The Walk-In Run front access door is a split, stable-door, style so you can gain access but without the risk of escapees.

The sheltered end is clad in our Eco-Tanilith Pressure Treated Swedish Redwood T & G Shiplap timber which is 16mm thick (ex-19mm) and clad on to the 35 x 50mm framing with plated decking screws. It has an internal floor of 21mm (ex-25mm) thick tongue and groove on to a 35mm frame to raise off the ground secured with stainless steel nails. Galvansied padbolts and hinges are used on the doors.

The shelter and house area has a solid timber clad back and sides to provide shelter and shade, a solid floor with ramp to access the top of the house as a day bed. The house is embellished with a bone shaped silhouette - just for fun.

The top of the kennel house itself has a flat roof of phenolic-coated timber board which can be lifted off for cleaning and access. Inside the house is space for their bedding and it will remain perfectly dry and cosy no matter the weather.

The Kennel measures approx 9ft long x 5ft wide at the widest point (4ft 4in at ground level) x 5ft 8in high externally. Metric External Dimensions - base width: 136cm (max width at mid-height 157cm); max length: 285cm; max height 179cm.

The house is delivered in sections, on a pallet for easy self assembly. The run is fixed together with bolts and the timber house panels are screwed together making the whole assembly very easy with an electric screwdriver. We estimate it should take around 30 - 40 minutes to assemble once unpacked.

Delivery is via Palletline delivery company and costs from £49.00 to most mainland England, Wales and Lowland Scotland destinations. See also our Delivery Information page for details.

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