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Durdle Door 6-Bay Wall-Mounted Dovecote

Currently 1 - 2 Weeks for Delivery

Price 450.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Product Description

The Durdle Door 6-Bay Dovecote - made in Dorset!

A Wall-Mounted, beautifully arched, wooden Dovecote to create a lovely garden feature on a wall, barn or fence.

If you decide to add some gorgeous white garden doves, or even pigeons, then there is a spacious home for 6 pairs of birds. The front panel is designed to be removed for access to clean the cote, once a season perhaps.

Our Dovecotes are delivered ready assembled and are mounted in place by screwing from the inside back panel into your wall (an extra pair of hands, or two, may be needed).

Dimensions (external): 113cm wide at the base; 45cm deep (front to back); 99cm high.

The Durdle Dovecote will be delivered ready assembled. Delivery will be on a wooden pallet via Palletline Transport delivery company on a weekday to suit you. See our Delivery Information page for details.

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