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Choosing your Outdoor Cat Run

We think your Outdoor Cat House should be a beautiful feature in your garden, not tucked away in a dark corner. Framebow Outdoor Cat Houses are especially fitting for any garden. Photo: The Large Cat Arch House.

Usually it will work well for both you and your cat if the Cat Run is placed close to the house. It would be nice for your beautiful feline to be situated where there is plenty of human activity for socialisation and stimulation. This makes it much easier for cleaning when necessary as well as the usual cuddles, chit-chat, feeding and watering.

One solution to give them real freedom, for Cat Runs that can be situated close to your house, is to link the cat house to your property via a mesh tunnel. The tunnel acts as a safe way for the cat to leave your house and enter the outdoor space without escaping into the garden or on to the road.

Rare and delicate cat breeds are becoming increasingly popular and some of these are often particularly beautiful, delicate creatures. However, they can be completely lacking in road sense, as well as being vulnerable to theft, and are more 'house cat' than 'outdoor cat'. Here we can provide as much luxury and security as you require for your collection of all kinds of kitty cats - from purring Persians to little Panthers.

Whilst cat owners love to keep their felines within the safety of their home, having a secure outdoor enclosure enables your cat to enjoy some lovely fresh air, outdoor stimulation and sunlight. If you would like any help or advice please just call us on 01300 345229.

Framebow Cat Houses

Framebow Cat Houses
The Framebow Cat Houses - Baby Arch and Large Arch - offer a spacious draught-free timber house with plenty of space for the sofa and tv. Integral to the unit is a 6ft long or 9ft long completely wired run/play area - totally secure with shade and stimulation built in. Photo: Luxury, custom-made, Catio Cat Arch for our favourite feline, Slinky.

This lovely curved, secure, walk-in run area is finished in a strong green-coated galvanised weldmesh. Inside the run are ramps and shelves for your cat to enjoy their play or seek shade under the house on a sunny day.

We have even added a cat flap to one side of this house so that, if your cat is used to a cat flap, it can venture outside when he or she wishes. If they are not cat-flap users, then there is still the portcullis-style sliding door so you can control their comings and goings.

Framebow can offer something much more than square panels with stark steel weldmesh on them. Not only our two standard designs but also many custom-made options, too. If you opt for a Framebow Cat House, with its vaulted frame and little sunbathing platforms inside, you'll want to site it where everyone can see!

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