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Chicken Guard Automatic Pop-Hole Door Opener

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Product Description

The Chicken Guard Automatic Chicken House Door Opener is a British made electronic battery operated unit to control the opening and closing of your hen house pop-hole door. It can do this either either with timed settings or by a dawn and dusk sensor.

There are 3 options. This type of unit will only control vertical sliding pop-hole doors. The Standard and Premium Chicken Guards will lift a chicken coop door up to 1kg in weight whilst the Extreme will manage a weight of up to 3kg.

* The Standard Chicken Guard (AS) operates by Timer only, according to your settings, and can therefore be installed inside or outside the henhouse. Door weight up to 1kg.
* The Premium (ASTi) can operate with either a timer or by daylight sensor, or a mixture of both, but for daylight use should be on the outside of the henhouse. Door weight up to 1kg.
* The Chicken Guard Extreme (ASTX) operates as the Premium but is built with military grade components which allows it to operate in more extreme climatic conditions i.e. up to +50 deg and -50 deg. Door weight up to 3kg

The Chicken Guard design makes installation very easy, with screws provided, 4 x AA Energizer batteries included (advise that Duracells are not used). Easy installation, no wiring or DIY knowledge required.

If your current pop-hole door might be too heavy, or does not slide freely, you can add a lightweight aluminium door to your house which will not change in weight according to the weather, or stick, or warp (as timber doors can do). Lightweight aluminium doors are available here to ensure smooth running of the door or to replace an existing door.

Automatic Door Openers give you complete control to keep your poultry safe from fox attack, and saves the early mornings to let the chickens out, or worrying about the door being open after dark. The Chicken Guard uniquely has a manual over-ride button if you need to open or close the pop-hole outside the set times.

The Chicken Guard unit measures approximately; 12cm wide x 8cm tall and 6cm deep. 3 year Manufacturers Warranty.

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