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Chicken Coop Designs

Chicken Coop Designs

Garden Chicken Coops designed and made in England by Framebow Animal Housing.

Chicken keeping has become more and more popular of the last few years, not only enjoyed by country folk with access to a field or smallholding, but also by people from all walks of life to give pleasure in the garden.

Whether you live in a town, village or the countryside, if you are thinking about keeping a few garden hens, why not browse our website and consider buying one of our Framebow Chicken Coops. We can offer unique, wooden chicken coops, hand-made in the UK, that are built to last.

Urban chicken keeping is also growing, and becoming quite a trendy hobby too. Gone are the days when allotment tending and chicken keeping was a poor affair. Now you can keep chickens in your allotment or back garden and anyone can enjoy this wonderful hobby.

All our chicken coops are very easy to clean, the internal parts strip down and pull out for effective cleaning. They are robust and built to last. Most of our coops have secure walk-in runs too.

Timber is such a lovely natural material, so much more natural and inviting an environment for your chickens or animals than plastic or metal. Here at Framebow we have developed a rather unique way of bending timber frames and have used these to create aesthetically pleasing yet practical animal and bird houses.

We build all our units with pressure treated Scandinavian Redwood, imported directly from one mill in Sweden. It is joinery grade timber with our own profile design. We build to the highest quality and guarantee our housing against rot and fungal attack for 10 years. We also guarantee that should there be any manufacturing defects within the first two years we will repair, replace or refund as you wish.

The size and quality of your coop is important to ensure your chickens are happy living in a warm, dry, well ventilated coop and of course it's very important to have one that is very well made. If you would like advice on which Chicken Coop is best for you then please call us on 01300 345229.

Chicken coop designs available on the market today do vary, and our Framebow Chicken Coops are very different to other makes. Many wooden coops on the market today are of a traditional design, often made in China or India and imported into the UK but our chicken coops are modern, extremely stylish and made in England. Framebow designs can only be purchased from us.

We have designed chicken coops that are often portable with a detachable chicken run or with a raised chicken house to keep the house off the ground, reducing the presence of rodents and keeping the hens off the cold damp ground.

There's nothing worse than having to put your head inside a coop to clean it, having to bend over backwards and paddling around in mud. All our chicken coop styles have easy clean features and require no bending to clean out the chicken house.

As a tip, you could line the floor of your chicken coop with newspaper, ideal for just quickly sliding out the hen house floor in the mornings and taking out the paper, which can be easily disposed of either by putting on the compost heap or bonfire. Shavings or Hemp Bedding are good for absorbing chicken mess and for lining the nesting boxes. Our nesting boxes are so easy to keep clean, we have designed a chicken nest box that lifts off the chicken house or, on some models, we have nest boxes that simply fold out on hinges.

We use a wood bending technique to create our superb feature Arched and Curvy Chicken Coops and Runs. Contemporary wooden chicken coops is our business, combining function and visual appeal to create wonderful products for you.

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