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Bio-Plastic Green & White Drinker, 1.5Litre

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Price 7.80 (Including VAT at 20%)

Product Description

Small Bio-Plastic 1.5 litre Drinker for Chicks and Bantams. Dimensions: 19cm high x 19cm diameter (max.)

Plastic but not as we know it - GO GREEN with our range of Bio-Plastic Poultry Drinkers and Feeders. The Green Chicken Drinkers are made in Germany using a 100% natural, non-oil based material from sugar cane and beet.

This small chicken drinker will hold up to 1.5 litres of water and is a standard twist lock dome drinker. Fill the upturned white dome with water, twist-lock the base on to it, and then turn it the right way up so that the water trickles out into the saucer. The vacuum created in the water tank means the water level will always remain the same (just above the outlet hole) in the saucer, as the hens drink, it will replenish to reach the right level again.

Sugar Cane is a new alternative to oil-based polythene, where a polymer is created from sugar-cane waste that is bio-based. The material is as tough as plastic, is coloured with natural dyes, feels just like plastic, but is 100% recyclable and the CO2 absorbed during the plant growth is locked in. Nowadays, it is more important for a material to be bio-based than bio-degradable. Bio-degradable plastics cannot be recycled so the fossil fuels within them are lost whereas bio-based products can be recycled and therefore any fossil fuels are reused.

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