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Bio-Plastic 4kg Green & White Feeder

Delivered in 2-3 Days

Price 16.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Product Description

Plastic - but not as we know it!! GO GREEN with our range of Bio-Plastic Poultry Feeders.

the range of Bio-Plastic Chicken Feeders are made in Germany using a 100% natural, non-oil based, material from sugar cane and beet. It is coloured with natural dyes.

This poultry feeder will hold up to 4 kg of pelleted feed. Fill the upturned white dome with pellets, twist-lock the base on to it, and then turn it the right way up. It comes with an Anti-Waste Grid to prevent the messy-eaters that like to 'flick' their feed everywhere. This feeder can also be hung up off the ground with its strong built-in handle.

Dimensions: 35cm high x 30cm diameter (max.).

The bio-plastic material is as tough as plastic, feels just like plastic, but is 100% recyclable and the CO2 absorbed during the plant growth is locked in. Sugar Cane is a new alternative to oil-based polythene where a polymer is created from sugar-cane waste that is bio-based. Nowadays, it is more important for a material to be bio-based than bio-degradable. Bio-degradable plastics cannot be recycled so the fossil fuels within them are lost whereas bio-based products can be recycled and therefore any fossil fuels are reused.

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