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3 litre Plastic Cage Drinker for Birds

Delivered in 2-3 Days

Price 9.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Product Description

Cage Mounted 3 Litre Drinker for all kinds of birds, particularly Pigeons and Cage Birds.

Easy to use and easy to clean plastic drinker for mounting externally on a cage or aviary with the drinking saucer sitting inside the wire mesh.

Water bottle detaches for filling, leaving the saucer sitting on the cage, then slip the water bottle back into place without having to go inside the run or cage.

Suitable for most wire mesh but the mesh will need to be cut for mounting. We include a guide for placement (shown here mounted on half inch x one inch weldmesh used on all our runs with some strands removed to mount the saucer).

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