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Framebow Animal & Bird Houses - The Art of the Curve

Framebow Animal & Bird Houses - The Art of the Curve

Framebow is based in the beautiful English county of Dorset where we build all our designs, in our own workshop, handcrafted especially for your pets and your garden. You can order online anytime or by phone 8am-5pm Mon-Fri; 9am-4pm Sat. We deliver throughout the UK.

Please browse our website to see the elegant range of curved pet, poultry and bird housing, as well as our log stores, dovecotes and playhouses; all with a unique arched timber design to give that contemporary, luxury look to your outdoors.

For more information or if you have any queries please call 01300 345229 or email admin@framebow.co.uk

Featured Product of the Month

Curved Chicken Dustbath & Shelter

Take a look at our elegant wooden Dustbath for chickens. Its beautifully curved roof covers a large wooden tray for their bath, which you can fill with playsand or a good friable earth, and it is large enough to also provide shelter from wind and rain, or shade from the heat of the sun.

You can hang feeders, drinkers or treats from the arch, or even upturn the dustbath to make a platform to keep large feeders off the ground and sheltered from the weather.


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