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History of the Hutch

History of the Hutch

Thankfully, gone are the days when pet rabbits we're housed in converted sideboards! They were of course made by craftsmen its fair to say, and looked lovely, as sideboards.

Making use of an old sideboard was very popular in days gone by, it seems that the most obvious use for an old sideboard was housing the pet rabbit. By removing a door, being careful to retain one of the doors for access to the sleeping compartment, and then using anything you could find, such as old mesh and string to hold it all together, the poor rabbit was confined in this untidy creation. However, if you were very lucky, your parents would take pride in building you a proper rabbit hutch instead.

Over the decades we have progressed a little, the most common pet rabbit hutch is usually mass produced in China and typically a box shape, and cheap. These can be quite cramped and cold as well as poor in size and quality.

Rabbit hutch designs have not really changed very much at all over the years, today's options include - A rectangular box shaped hutch with mesh front and sleeping quarters, or perhaps a rectangular box with mesh front and sleeping quarters, and legs.

Breeding hutches are slightly different though, being rectangular boxes with mesh fronts and sleeping quarters, and luckily still having the added option of legs, however each hutch is piled one on top of the other.

It seems a little unfair to deny the rabbits any pleasure of passing the time of day with their 'flat mates' who reside on the upper and lower floors. Don't you think they would love to wander around on grass in the lovely fresh air? The old "stack 'em high and breed 'em cheap" is, in our opinion, not the kindest option. As you've probably gathered, we felt the need to design a hutch with a difference.

Our sheer dislike of the ordinary outdoor rabbit hutch style has given us the incentive and energy to develop our Framebow Rabbit Hutch. Combining not only interesting contemporary looks, perfect practicality, superb build quality and, thick timbers to keep them warm and dry, but more importantly the run space for the rabbit to develop both mentally and physically.

About innovative Framebow Rabbit and Guinea Pig Hutches.

Our Framebow Hutch comprises both indoor and outdoor living space with a ridged ramp which helps to keep the rabbit amused, and gives them a feeling of freedom they will certainly enjoy (see photo above which was one of our very first hutches).

Your Bunny will spend hours flying up and down the wooden ramp, in and out of the hutch, amusing themselves. Our rabbit hutches boast an elegantly curved timber framework creating a modern designer feel to the outdoor rabbit accommodation. The Framebow Hutch has been designed with the house section raised above part of the run space with a ramp leading down to the ground.

The house itself contains a sleeping compartment with arched door for access and cleaning as well as a day space beside it with a meshed front (optional Perspex window) and a little arched door for your pet to exit the house. It is spacious with a footprint of approx. 4ft 6in long x 3ft deep but you can extend the run by a further 6ft with our Extension Run for more bunny-hopping room.

The Curved Run, unique to Framebow, has such easy access. You simply lift one curved side and it counter-balances on the pivot-bolts that fix it together. This means that not only can you, or the children, reach inside for cleaning or feeding but also your Rabbits or Guinea Pigs can't escape into the big wide, dangerous, world.

The Framebow Hutch is also easy to move, at only 3ft 6in high it really isn't cumbersome. Make sure the pets are closed inside the house, then with one person each end, lift and move.

More information about the timbers we use for our houses can be found on the About our Houses page.

We think our advances in designing hutches offering luxury living for your rabbits or pets is streets ahead of what is available on the market today and, being made of pressure-treated timber, will certainly last and look good for many years.

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