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Chicken Coops
Chicken Houses
Childrens Playhouses & Outdoor Storage for Schools.
Bespoke Tree Houses
Bespoke Playhouses
Bespoke Garden Sheds
Animal Housing
Cat Run / Outdoor Cat Pens
Chicken Coop Extension Runs
Handmade Rabbit Hutch
Bespoke Wooden Guinea Pig Hutch
Pet Enclosures/ Pens/Runs
High Quality Dog Kennels & Runs
Curved Aviary Panels

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Bespoke Garden Shed.

Welcome to Framebow 

  Makers of Contemporary Garden Rooms-Buildings - Curved Sheds 

Garden Buildings  - Chicken Coops & Chicken Houses - Cat Runs 

                      Outdoor Aviaries - Wooden Playhouses

    Bespoke & Custom made Sheds & Nich Playhouses 

 Niche Animal Housing - Hutches - Pet Pens Handcrafted 

Curved - Bent Sheds with Curved Roofs.         

              Custom designs  Bespoke Sheds


Fearnley Chicken Run


   Stunning Chicken Coops. 


   Specially made Chicken Coops by Framebow

   Good range of Chicken coops &  Chicken Housing   


   & Poultry / Hen Housing to choose from .  

    Please take a look at our curved Chicken Coops



Pumpkin Wooden Playhouse


     Bespoke Wooden Playhouses 



       We design & produce quirky wooden playhouses




              Unique curved fairytale playhouses 

Bespoke & Handmade Quality. Bespoke Playhouses  



Cat House & Run - Cat Enclosure - Bespoke Cat Pen - Kennel 

           Cat Houses & Runs 

Cat Runs & Housing of great quality.


 All our cat enclosures are made in in our contemporary


curved style by Framebow. 


 We have a fabulous range of cat runs and housing 

to choose from .Cat Runs & Kennels 


Pre order your chicken coop now for spring . We have a great selection of chicken coops in our shop ranging from walk in coops, small bantam coops, large chicken coops & chicken coops with wheels. If you can't find what you need , just give us a call . Read more about what we do

On 17th November Framebow became part of the Flyte so Fancy Family and moved to Dorset

During this changeover please do call or email as below and we can update you with delivery times or answer any queries.


Framebow, Flyte so Fancy Ltd, The Cottage, Pulham, Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom, DT2 7DX 

Tel: 01300 345229 | Fax: 01300 345858 | E-mail
Company No 6273394 (England & Wales) | Vat Reg Number GB845 1306 43

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