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Chicken Coops
Bespoke Tree Houses
Bespoke Playhouses
Bespoke Garden Sheds
Animal Housing
Cat Run / Outdoor Cat Pens
Chicken Coop Extension Runs
Handmade Rabbit Hutch
Bespoke Wooden Guinea Pig Hutch
Pet Enclosures/ Pens/Runs
High Quality Dog Kennels & Runs
Curved Aviary Panels

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Bespoke Garden Shed.Welcome to Framebow 

  Makers of Contemporary Garden Rooms-Buildings - Curved Sheds 

Garden Buildings  - Chicken Coops & Chicken Houses - Cat Runs 

                      Outdoor Aviaries - Wooden Playhouses

    Bespoke & Custom made Sheds & Nich Playhouses 

 Niche Animal Housing - Hutches - Pet Pens Handcrafted 

Curved - Bent Sheds with Curved Roofs.         

              Custom designs  Bespoke Sheds


Fearnley Chicken Run


   Stunning Chicken Coops. 


   Specially made Chicken Coops by Framebow

   Good range of Chicken coops &  Chicken Housing   


   & Poultry / Hen Housing to choose from .  

    Please take a look at our curved Chicken Coops



Pumpkin Wooden Playhouse


     Bespoke Wooden Playhouses 



       We design & produce quirky wooden playhouses




              Unique curved fairytale playhouses 

Bespoke & Handmade Quality. Bespoke Playhouses  



Cat House & Run - Cat Enclosure - Bespoke Cat Pen - Kennel 

           Cat Houses & Runs 

Cat Runs & Housing of great quality.


 All our cat enclosures are made in in our contemporary


curved style by Framebow. 


 We have a fabulous range of cat runs and housing 

to choose from .Cat Runs & Kennels 


Pre order your chicken coop now for spring . We have a great selection of chicken coops in our shop ranging from walk in coops, small bantam coops, large chicken coops & chicken coops with wheels. If you can't find what you need , just give us a call . Read more about what we do





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